Love is Nature is Love- Norberto Franco Cisneros

Norberto Franco Cisneros
The Elder Poet

Our Dying-Seas Painting by Norberto Franco Cisneros
Our Dying-Seas Painting by Norberto Franco Cisneros

The brook follows the path of least resistance
It does not confront obstacles
It embraces themNature knows not war
The landscape is tranquil, peaceful
Nature likes it that way
Rolling shades of green sprinkling the velvet hills with
A myriad of colorful flowers
Brighten the spirit of the rainbow
The eye follows the brook’s unimpeded meandering path
A Monarch jig-jaggedly flies in glee
Its life will shortly come to an end but
That’s Nature’s way too
Clear water caresses the rocks underneath it,
Whispering sweet, gurgling, purling sounds
Its watery arms embracing the smooth stones
As it fills the cracks between them
A dark brown and brittle dry leaf
Detached by a tender wind floats
Softly landing on a fallen twig
It remembers where it came from
This is Nature making love with passion
Subtleties which go unnoticed to the eye
Are nevertheless relevant
In their spirit
As life unfolds its evolution
When we make love – Who sees us?
Sometimes we don’t even see each other
We often forget that love is tender, giving, nurturing and healing
Nature knows this
Why don’t we?


Dr.Baer is not only an inspirational human being but also holds a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and compassion. He is the keeper of a rare and unique personality, and I am as always blessed to have met him. He has been in the health profession for over 50 years and was a noted professor. Now for many years he has his private practice in Sedona, Arizona , and is a true follower of the Buddhist way of life.

In his clinic, are his articles, health tips and related issues, along with these things, something very interesting.

I had to share it with everyone. This is his philosophy.

In a small village, at the foot of the Himalayas, lived a wise old man. His counsel was sought by people from miles around. A group of youngsters decided one day that they would make fun of this respected figure.

They hit on a plan to expose his knowledge to ridicule.
would bring a bird, hidden behind the back of one of the boys.
The boy would ask if the bird was alive or dead.
If the old man said alive, the boy would crush it to death.
If he said dead, the boy would release the bird.
And so, one day, the group approached the old man.
One boy came forward to the village father and said,
” Father, what do I have in my hand?”
“A bird”, he answered.
“Is it alive or dead?”
The old man looked up slowly and said gently,
“It is in your hands”.

No Goodbyes By Ansul

New Ice- Arizona Sunset by Carl Weis (Master Artist)
New Ice- Arizona Sunset by Carl Weis (Master Artist)

No goodbyes,
just fond memories,
softly clinging like cotton candy,
to these Red Rocks.
We met, fate rejoiced.
Now we part,
but only with prayers,
for your ‘Joyous Journey’
to continue,
graced by health, love and laughs.

In a sea where millions float,
Friendless, motionless.

We bumped by chance,
and the blithely motions,
of some unknown strange force,

A rare cosmic moment,
where we were blessed by each other,
as if guided by ‘Poetica’,
a kindred spirit dwelling by the creek of thought.

So, no goodbyes,
just fond memories,
softly clinging like cotton candy,
to these Red Rocks.

A farewell poem dedicated to Carl Weis;
A kindred spirit we met on this path of life.
May your new journey bring you much warmth and happiness!
We will remain friends…always.

By Ansul Noor
Sedona, August 2010

Heart Split in Two- Poetry Book Launch by Norberto Franco Cisneros

Metal Face by Norberto Cisneros
Metal Face by Norberto Cisneros

Heart Split in Two is the first poetry chapbook by Norberto Franco Cisneros, The Elder Poet. As an active member of the Sedona Poetry Salon, Norberto honed his writing and poetry skills, especially after a devastating stroke paralyzed his whole left side. Soon his unique view of the world began to attract attention. From a wheelchair he competed at poetry slams, even winning second place at several of the events. He also gave readings at other poetry functions, always bringing his unique voice to the audience. Soon he was encouraged by fellow poets to publish a chapbook of his work.

He is also an accomplished artist and musician. Kindly contact us if you want to purchase his unique art or you wish to purchase the paperback book HEART SPLIT IN TWO.

If you want to read other riveting books by Norberto Cisneros, do visit

Books by the Author:
One Boys Fantasy, A Man’s Reality
An Old Man’s Unforgiving Life 
Available on worldwide.

By Candle Light – Ansul

' By Candle Light ' Ansul
‘ By Candle Light ‘ Ansul

I often dream in Candle Light.
I see her face, her love, her eyes.
As if by some impish cruel wind,
the invisible finger, blows it out.
Daylight hits me like acid rain,
those are tears of truth,
that burst from pain.
I wish, and hope for that Candle-Light,
When I see her face, her love, her eyes.
Ansul (Copyrights)

A Beautiful Artist, a Beautiful Person…

Soul of a Musician by Nargis Khalid
Soul of a Musician by Nargis Khalid

After many many years I met a familiar face, a lovely face, a face full of depth, and intelligence.
Nargis Khalid, the internationally acclaimed artist from India/Pakistan/Dubai. She was recently visiting Sedona.
I had spent my teen years admiring her work, dedication and compassion. Her work is beyond words, one must see it to experience it.

I was lucky enough to spend some precious hours with her, and found out, that close-up, she is one of the most amazing human beings I have ever met.
She says she has a ‘gypsy soul’.
(Something we share in common!)

A blessing when you someone so gifted yet ever so humble.

Meeting her, brought back memories of my younger days when I loved going to the Art Institute in Dubai, and made some timeless friends with artists from around the world. After our short day together, showing her local galleries and talking of old times, we parted, and to my surprise, she left me with a message on a secretly bought gift from a local gallery…the message said :
‘this is to remind you of us when ever you light it’
It was a Rock Oil Lamp.
How beautiful her thoughts, how timeless her visions.
I hope everyone will feel the same way when they look at her work.